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15 Gift Ideas for the Elderly

15 Gift Ideas for the Elderly – Christmas Gift Guide 2019 - Presents for Older People

Monday 08 July 2019

Wondering what to buy mum, dad, grandma, or grandad for Christmas this year? Perhaps they are struggling to read or perform a hobby they once loved, or they're just hard to buy for! We've done the research for you and found 15 great Christmas gift ideas for any senior in your life, that should help them improve their wellbeing or quality of life.

Brain Games
No matter what your age, it’s important to keep your mind active. Brain games are inexpensive – whether you buy wordsearch or crossword book to a sudoku machine, they can be taken anywhere and completed on the go or in their favourite chair.
Price: from approx £4.99

Magazine Subscription
Why not treat them to a year’s worth of their favourite magazines? Many publishers offer a favourable discount for buying a lengthy subscription, and often gift away a special gift for subscribers. No matter what the interest; sewing, gardening, fishing or many more, there’ll definitely be a magazine for that!
Price: from approx. £39.99

Classic Table Light
The Classic Table Light from Serious Readers shines a focused beam directly on to the page. No light disturbance, no light cast all around the room. This makes the Classic ideal for bedtime reading. Using energy efficient LED technology, the Classic uses just 5w of power. Perfect for nocturnal bibliophiles.
Price: from £149.99

Classic Table Light

Electronic Weather Monitor
No more waiting for the weather forecast! A good weather station can give accurate forecasts and keep you in the know without having to turn on your TV. Choose a weather station with a simple interface with large writing. Some can tell you the indoor, outdoor temperatures and humidity, plus the daily forecast.
Price: from approx. £29.99

eBook Reader
Why not give the joy of reading this Christmas? An eBook reader can hold hundreds, if not thousands of books, and is perfect for taking on the go with you. A reader such as the Kindle Paperwhite, which allows you to adjust the backlight is particularly useful to reflect the ambient lighting conditions.
Price: from approx £39.99

Levo Book Holder
This breakthrough book holder adjusts so you can read in bed, in a recliner, standing at a kitchen counter, or wherever you need to read in hands-free comfort. It can hold books up to 4lbs including hardbacks, magazines and cookbooks. Perfect for an avid reader who might have trouble holding books for long periods of time.
Price: £189.99

Adult Colouring Books
Colouring isn’t just for children. Exploding in popularity the past couple of years, adult colouring books are a fantastic way to relieve stress and boredom. Available in thousands of varieties, you should be able to find a book relating to a favoured hobby or pastime.
Price: from approx. £7.99

Adult Colouring Books

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
Squirrels are smart, acrobatic creatures that delight in getting into most bird feeders. A proper squirrel-proof bird feeder might include a weight sensitive perch, a cage small enough for birds to get through, or a weight activated spinning feeder. Make sure to check out the reviews as lots of bird feeders claim to be squirrel proof but in fact are not.
Price: from approx. £29.99

Robot Vacuum Cleaner
No more trudging all around the house with a cumbersome vacuum cleaner. This technology has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years. The cleaners can pick up dust, pet hair and debris, and work on most floor types while fitting under furniture to get into those hard to reach places.
Price: from approx. £199.99

Nomad Travel Light
The Nomad Travel Light can be taken anywhere in the home or on your travels. Affixing to any smooth, flat surface using a gel pad, the Nomad uses Daylight Wavelength Technology™ to project a natural light onto the page. The Nomad also comes bundled with a rechargeable carry case and two beam filters, allowing you to adjust the spread of light.
Price: £149.99

Large Button TV Remote
No more accidentally pressing the wrong button and changing settings. Large button TV remotes are designed to be simple, with a limited amount of buttons to avoid confusion. Look for a remote that allows you to pre-set channels, making it even easier for your loved one to find their favourite programme. Price: from approx. £149.99

Levo Tablet Holder
Sit, recline, or lie in bed and LEVO will securely hold your tablet or eReader at the perfect height and viewing angle. Flip lever height locks and 5 axis articulating swing arm for quick positioning. Compatible with most sizes of tablets, up to the iPad Pro 2018, the Levo is perfect for tablets with our without cases. You can attach or remove your device in seconds.
Price: £189.99

Personalised Photo Album
Nothing says I love you like a personalised photo album full of years worth of memories. Now, many companies operate these services online so you simply need to upload the images, select your layout and they will print the album and send it directly to you. What a lovely way to show the recipient you care. Price: £19.99

Personalised Photo Album

Gift Vouchers
Still not sure what to buy them? How about gift vouchers for their favourite store, and making a day of it by taking them shopping? Whether they’re interested in clothing, food, or pampering products, a gift voucher is a great way to show you care.
Price: any denomination

High Definition Floor light
The best of the best – the High Definition Floor Light uses bespoke Daylight Wavelength Technology ™ and is the closest light in the Serious Readers range to natural daylight. Ideal for reading, hobbies, and recommended especially if they suffer with any eye condition such as Macular Degeneration or Cataracts.
Price: £399.99


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