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Wall Mounted Reading Lights

No floor or table space? Our range of wall mounted reading lights project high intensity colour corrected beam onto your reading material. Mount to the wall with a bracket and position the flexible arm for the ultimate reading experience.

Our Three Best Wall Mounted Reading Lights

High Definition Wall Reading Lights - Over Wooden Bed

Key Features

  • Our most powerful model
  • Closest to daylight
  • Text simply leaps off the page
  • Even small print is crisp and clear
  • Every colour is rich and vibrant

Suitable For
  • Reading Books
  • Reading larger publications (magazines, newspapers)
  • Hobbies involving colour (artwork, needlework)
  • Hobbies requiring wide beam (music, jigsaws)
  • Eye conditions(magazines, newspapers)
Alex Wall Reading Light - Mounted Behind Bed

Key Features

  • High performance, low energy
  • State of the art LED technology
  • Long-life, high intensity beam
  • Cool to the touch
  • Close to natural daylight

Suitable For
  • Reading Books
  • Reading larger publications (magazines, newspapers)
  • Hobbies involving colour (artwork, needlework)
  • Hobbies requiring wide beam (music, jigsaws)
Classic Wall Reading Light - Mounted behind wooden bed

Key Features

  • Our original light model
  • Deliberately narrow beam
  • Ideal for night-time reading
  • Light focussed on to your page
  • Uses just 5W of energy

Suitable For
  • Reading Books

Why choose a Serious Wall Mounted Reading Light?

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    A Serious wall light will:

    Maximise your ability to see detail and colours, employing specialist Daylight Wavelength Technology™.

    Minimise the risk of damage to your eyes, eradicating the harmful blue-light spike commonly found in standard LEDs.

    Optimise your posture and well-being by stopping you from unconsciously straining when you can’t see clearly.

  • Fit_640x1000_cat-wall-002 Fit_640x1000_cat-wall-002 Fit_640x1000_cat-wall-002

    Your Sight is our focus

    We believe light transforms sight. Since inventing the first Serious Light 35 years ago, for his mum who was struggling to see, our founder Alex has been pioneering research into sight and light.

    We then developed a range of wall lights after repeated calls for a wall-mounted solution, ideal for the spaces where you can’t fit a floor or table light.

  • Fit_640x1000_cat-wall-003 Fit_640x1000_cat-wall-003 Fit_640x1000_cat-wall-003

    A light wherever you need it

    If you don’t have space for a floor or table light in your reading area, the Serious wall mounted reading light is the ideal solution. Simply mount to the wall with the included bracket, hiding the cable in a stud wall, and your reading light is ready to go.

Customer Reviews

  • 5 stars

    Really well made lamp which is unobtrusive near my armchair and gives wonderful quality light.

    Mrs Cockroft, Ripon

  • 5 stars

    Just a note to say how wonderful it is to be able to read even small print in catalogues

    Mrs Marshall, Argyll

  • 5 stars

    One of the best purchases I've ever made. Excellent light and very good service.

    Mr Lycett, London