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High Definition Floor - Lightweight

High Definition Floor - Heavyweight

High Definition Floor - Lightweight

High Definition Floor - Lightweight

High Definition Floor - Head Close up

High Definition Floor - Gemini

High Definition Floor - Lightweight

High Definition Floor - Head Close up

High Definition Floor - Lightweight

High Definition Floor - Heavyweight

High Definition Floor Light

This light will transform your visual experience.

Stop straining to see, and start enjoying your cherished hobbies again.

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Perfect for you if...

  • You're an avid reader
  • You enjoy a hobby with fine detail
  • You have an eye condition
  • You want the best possible light

  • Icon-calendar Try risk-free for 30 days Icon-guarantee Built to last with a 5 year warranty
  • Icon-eye Recommended by over 500 opticians Icon-flag Hand-built by skilled British engineers
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No Ordinary Light

What You'll Get

High Definition Floor Light

  • High Definition Light

    Transform Your Vision

    Everything we see is light. If the light you work under is poor, your eyes work much harder causing headaches, tiredness and eyestrain. The wrong light at night will also prevent the production of melatonin which is what prompts us to fall asleep.

    Our technology brings simulated daylight to your indoor tasks, so your eyes can see detail and colour without a struggle. No manmade light source displays colour with a higher fidelity.

  • Best Floor Reading Light

    Light Where You Need It

    There's nothing worse than having to contort yourself into an uncomfortable position to position your reading material under a light beam. That's why the High Definition Light is designed to adjust to your every need.

    The beam width and brightness adjustments mean you can dim, spread and focus the light beam exactly as you need. This makes switching between hobbies like painting a small figurine to reading a broadsheet newspaper easy.

    The strong, stay-put flexible arm lets you direct the light just as you need, and it will hold its position. The precision swivel joint at the light head operates in two planes to make hassle-free fine adjustments a cinch. This is made easier still by the grab handle. Simple control sits at the heart of the Serious design approach.

  • Serious Readers Best Floor Light

    The Real Deal

    So much of what we buy today turns out to be fake rubbish once we get it home and start using it; cheap product designed to fool us into thinking it’s the real thing. It’s easy to look the part, but great quality is harder to achieve and is remembered long after a cheap price is forgotten. We are the real deal.

    There is nothing fake here. 98 in every 100 people who try a Serious Light decide to keep it, because a great light has the power to transform your life. This is why we build the best lights we can, offer them to you at a fair price and let you see the difference for yourself risk-free at home.

  • Serious Readers Best Floor Light

    A Fair Price

    A Serious Light is built to offer great value as a tool to transform lives indoors. It is not a cheap item of furniture. It is an investment into a tool to transform the quality of your life indoors.

    Because you are dealing directly with the manufacturer there is no commission to pay to importers, wholesalers or retail stores. This normally makes up the bulk of what you pay.

    Building every light takes 224 specifically designed individual components. Manufacturing the hi-tech parts employs 24 different machines in 5 different countries. Each light build involves 85 assembly engineers and technicians working in 82 different workstations. This is no ordinary light.

Try the High Definition Floor Light Risk-Free for 30 days

Why Choose Serious?

Not cheap but well worth the quality of life you get from these lights - my eyesight is too precious to waste time with inferior lighting.

Mrs Thoday, Market Rasen


  • Light Engine7.2W LED
  • Bulb Guarantee5 Years
  • Lux at 50cm3,600-7,200lx
  • Lumens630
  • CRI98%
  • Colour Temperature4,000K
  • Spread of Light13-24"
  • Dimmable?Yes
  • Adjustable Beam?Yes
  • Cable Length2.8m (9.2ft)

Ergonomic Operation

You're In Control

The High Definition Light is our most ergonomic and easy to use light. All controls can be found on the light head. Turn your light on or off using the switch located on the back of the ergonomic adjustment handle.

The intuitive dimmer and brightness indicator lights are on the back of the head, and the width of the light beam can be adjusted by twisting the wheel at the front of the head beneath the light engine.

Option 1

Base Type

Heavyweight Models

  • Weight13Ibs (6kg)
  • Height60" (152cm)
  • Base Diameter9.5" (24cm)

The right choice if you want to enjoy stability while being able to effortlessly adjust your light, heavyweight bases provide strength and security, enabling single-handed adjustments to the flexible arm.

Lightweight Models

  • Weight6.5Ibs (3kg)
  • Height57" (144cm)
  • Base Diameter8" (20cm)

If you need a light that is easy to move around, lightweight bases are an ideal choice. They can be quickly slipped under furniture or moved from one room to the next with no trouble at all.

Option 2

Body Finish

The colour of the light head and base (and rigid stem on lightweight floor lights)


The sleek black body finish is our most popular option, chosen for its minimalist industrial aesthetic. Choose from black, nickel or brass accent finish to pair with this option.

Heritage White

The stunning heritage white body finish is an elegant choice, boasting a delicate off-white hue which blends in perfectly with neutral surroundings. Available with nickel flexible arm only.

  • Black body finish with black flexible arm
  • Heritage white body finish with nickel flexible arm

Option 3

Accent Finish

The colour of the flexible arm (and rigid stem on heavyweight floor lights).

  • Black

    The brass base metal is double sprayed and double-baked to produce a durable matte black coating for the fully flexible stay-put arm.

  • Nickel

    A 15-20 micron brushed nickel coating on the brass base metal gives a sharp hi-tech brushed finish ideal for the modern interior.

  • Brass

    The 20-30 micron of zapon-treated brass on brass provides a long-lasting classic look when paired with the real wood mahogany effect handle.

Option 4

Gemini (heavyweight only)

A true marriage saver! Enjoy double the light output with two individually controlled light heads. You'll have precise control over the brightness and direction of your own light, without disturbing your partner's reading space.

Please Note: The Gemini is not available as cordless.

  • Gemini - All Black
  • Gemini - Heritage white

Option 5

Handle Type (heavyweight only)

The real-wood carry handle lets you move your heavyweight light from place to place in comfort.

For those who require precise positioning, the height adjustable option offers extra utility. You can adjust the light between 133cm and 152cm tall.

Option 6

Dimmer & Beam Adjustment (fitted as standard)

The High Definition Floor Light is fitted as standard with an intuitive dimming wheel. Simply roll the wheel down for a softer light, or all the way up for a brighter, more intense beam. Indicator lights on the light head show the current brightness setting.

An adjustable beam function is installed in every High Definition Floor Light. Adjust the width of the light beam to suit a book or newspaper. A simple twist will move you between a wide, soft beam and a narrower, more intense light pattern.

Option 7

Cordless (heavyweight only)

This light can be upgraded to cordless operation by adding a rechargeable battery. When fully charged, the light will give up to 7 hours of use. A full recharge takes approx. 2 hours.

Perfect for power cuts, you can take your light anywhere, as long as it's dry. Customers often mention that they turn off the main room lights because they rely on their Serious Light.

The technology uses less than 7.5W and saves energy, which can be a significant cost at the moment.

Please Note: The battery pack and charging plug are included when you select the cordless option.

Bring Daylight Indoors

All Light Is Not The Same

A great light is so much more than brightness alone. If you want to discern fine details, see colours in their true light and prevent eyestrain, you need a light that projects just the right amounts of each wavelength in each part of the visual spectrum.

  • A Better Light

    High Definition Lights use Serious Daylight Wavelength Technology™, which mirrors the natural light spectrum as closely as we have found it to be technically possible so far. This is no ordinary light.

  • Experience True Colour

    The image above shows the TM-30 analysis, the gold standard for measuring LED light fidelity. It analyses the availability of colour hues and compares their closeness to natural daylight (100). The High Definition Light scores 99.

  • More Light On Your Page

    The High Definition Light projects up to 12x more light on your page than a traditional 60W bulb, bathing your eyes in the right kind of light and helping you to read in comfort for longer.

The Serious Difference

  • 30 Day Risk-Free Trial

    If you're not totally happy with your light we will refund the full amount, including delivery charges, and collect the light at our cost (UK mainland only).

  • Hand-built in Great Britain

    All High Definition, Alex and Classic lights are built by hand in Great Britain and delivered fully assembled. No flat pack misery. No tools needed.

  • Recommended by Opticians

    Over 500 independent optometrists believe that Serious Lights make a worthwhile difference to their patients.

  • 5 Year Warranty

    High Definition, Alex and Classic lights all benefit from a full 5 year warranty period.

Delivery Information

  • UK Mainland

    Delivery Usually Within 5 Working Days
    £12.95 Delivery Charge
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    Delivery Via APC

  • UK Non-Mainland

    Delivery Usually Within 10 Working Days
    £12.95 Delivery Charge
    Delivery Via APC

  • Rest of World

    Dispatched Within 5 Working Days
    Delivery Charge Dependent on Location
    Delivery Via FedEx
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