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Classic Range

The narrowest of beams causes the least disturbance to others.

The Classic lights were our original book lights and are still built to a minimalist design that projects a deliberately narrow Light beam to minimise any disturbance to others. You can choose between Floor, Table or Wall and between a Heavyweight or Lightweight construction.

  • LED - With the recent advances in LED technology, this is our chosen light source for the Classic range, due to the quality of light, its energy efficiency and because it runs cool to the touch. The bulbs should also last for many years.
  • Heavyweight - Deliberately heavy and built to robust industrial standards. Plants itself firmly for single-hand operation.
  • Lightweight - All the light but half the weight. It is shorter and easier to move around plus the flexible arm is easier to bend.

All Classic Lights are hand-built in Great Britain and carry a 5 year warranty.