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What serious owners with Cataracts tell us:

Recently diagnosed with cataracts, I was aware of my vision deteriorating, particularly during late nights. My reading light has helped enormously. Mrs Clarkson of Ashton Under Lyne

I have AMD and cataracts and I find the light a great help. Mrs Hedington of Brentwood

I have cataracts developing so the intensity of then light is an enormous help. Mrs Crowther of Truro

I thought I would update you with information regarding the above order delivered a couple of weeks ago. I purchased this particular floor standing reading lamp as an early birthday gift for my Mum-in-law. She has been recently diagnosed with acute macular degeneration in both eyes, has undergone a cataract operation in one eye, but was having great difficulty with reading due to the condition and also in part with her existing reading lights - her optician recommended that she get a floor standing reading lamp to see if it improved things. I thought of your company immediately when she told me because I purchased an Alex floor standing light from you previously so I know how good these are. I am delighted (but not unexpectedly) to report that the classic floor standing light I ordered has made a vast difference to Mum's ability to enjoy her reading once more. Whilst she has to live with the vision impairment, the light has made this much easier for her to manage the condition...... Result = one very happy Mum-in-law. Mrs Raynor of Nottinghamshire

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