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What is Colour Temperature?

Light itself is as complex as our eyes. There are many variables that affect our sight, Colour Temperature being one of them. Our useful guide explains what Colour Temperature is, and what you should be aware of.

What do I need to know?

  • What is Colour Temperature What is Colour Temperature What is Colour Temperature

    How is Colour Temperature measured?

    Measured in Kelvin (K), colour temperature describes how yellow (warm) or blue (cool) a light source is. Light from a candle sits near the bottom at circa 1,850K, with noon daylight towards the top at 6,000K.

    The complexity is deepened by environmental factors which affect our perception of colour. When outside in intense light, a 6,000K light will appear white, but move indoors to read in less intense ambient light, and that same light is likely to seem uncomfortably blue and intense.

  • Colour Temperature and heat?

    The unit Kelvin is also used as a temperature measurement. The term colour temperature began from referring to the colour metal turns as it is heated- glowing one of a variety of colours from orange (coolest) to blue (hottest) as it warms up. This can be especially confusing as the inverse terminology is used for lighting colour temperature. The bluest light is referred to as the “coolest” and the most orange light is referred to as the “warmest”.

    With modern lighting technology, the colour temperature of the light has absolutely no bearing on the amount of heat it produces. Cool-to-the-touch LED lights can be anywhere from very warm (2,700K) to cool white (6,000K).

  • How do I choose the right light?

    Serious Lights use specialist technology to shine daylight indoors, projecting a warm white beam of 3,500-4,000K that is kinder to the indoor eye. We have found after decades of user feedback that this is the optimum colour temperature to allow you to read in comfort for longer.

    Our mission is to mirror the daylight spectrum at this colour temperature. The High Definition and Alex Lights use specialist technologies to get as close to daylight as is technically possible.

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