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Alex Varifocus Wall Light

A light for all seasons

The latest Varifocus Alex Light incorporates adjustable LED beam-width and intensity technology to give you the ultimate personalised reading experience.

You told us different tasks need different beam patterns, so here’s the light. Easily adjust the beam-width between a very bright, narrow, concentrated spot to a wider, less intense beam. Precise, variable high quality beam control means you can concentrate for longer and read in more comfort.

  • The light projected is 6 times brighter than a 60w bulb
  • Up to 25,000 hours of bulb life
  • It has a flexible arm for easy positioning
  • Built to order in Great Britain
  • Comes with a 5 year guarantee
Label Detail
Bulb 4w LED
Height 56cm (22")
Dimmable No
Weight 0.9kg (2lbs)
Cable Length 3m (10 Feet)
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Easy to adjust the beam spread

  • Adjustable Beam Spread
  • Up to 8x more light on your page than a traditional 60w filament bulb
  • Ultra Energy Efficient - only 4w
  • Vary brightness with beam width
  • Icon-calendar 30 day risk-free trial Icon-flag Hand-built in the UK
  • Icon-eye Recommended by over 500 opticians Icon-guarantee 5 year guarantee
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Varifocus Head Details

The Latest Alex Light

The Varifocus incorporates the latest adjustable LED beam-width and intensity technology which means you can easily spread the beam wide or concentrate it narrowly onto a smaller area.


You told us that different tasks need different beam widths, and this is the light you asked us to build. Adjust between a very bright, narrow, concentrated spot and a wider, less intense beam.

Varying the Beam Width

A revolutionary new design means you simply pull out or push in the optics like focussing a camera. Slide the lens towards you for a more focused, intense beam, or away from you for a softer light with a wider spread.

Nice Touches

Alex designed this model specifically for use at home. It operates at mains voltage without the need for a transformer which means the plug is a standard fitting. The moving optical lens is fitted with a soft silicon tactile rubber cover to make it easy to grip the lens and adjust the beam.

Wall Model Details

Alex Varifocus Wall Models

The cable is fed through the base of the bracket. The Varifocus runs at mains voltage and is suitable for direct wiring into lighting systems or for hiding the cabling inside a wall cavity.


Varifocus Technical Details

Check out the Alex LED and Classic lights for these options.

For Alex LED and Classics - There are two formats:


The cable is fed through the base of the bracket and the control gear is housed in the special plug.


The non-dimmable versions of these models are available for direct wiring into lighting systems or for hiding the cabling inside a wall cavity, fitted with an in-line control gear. Please note that the hard-wire option is available for 240v only.


Flexible Arm Options

Black - The brass base metal is double-sprayed and double-baked to produce a durable matt black coating for the fully flexible stay-put arm. For a light that refuses to dominate the room, designed to blend and vanish into its surroundings, the all black finish is ideal. It is also the most popular finish.

Nickel - A 15-20 micron brushed nickel coating on the brass base metal gives a sharp, hi-tech brushed finish. The black base, handle and lamp head make for a stylish modern contrast. Perfect for your workspace and beautiful in a modern setting.

Brass - The 20-30 micron of zapon-treated brass on brass provides a long-lasting classic look, and the real wood mahogany-effect handles on the heavyweight floor model adds a final flourish, making this combination the perfect match for the more traditional space.


Alex Light Head Closeup

Dimmer Option - The dimming function allows for your light to be finely adjusted to your specific needs. Turn down the light intensity when a softer light is required, then with one finger adjust it back up to full brightness when you need more light to get clarity. Dimming is standard on our High Definition lights and is taken up by the vast majority of Serious Readers suitable for bedside reading lights. The saving on Alex and Classic lights to de-specify the dimmer is £30. Alex Varifocus lights are non-dimmable.


UK Orders

The cost to deliver your light order is £9.95 per order unless you request special arrangements. For small accessory orders with a value under £75 this is £3.95.

For UK mainland orders, a specific delivery date can be chosen at checkout. On receipt of your order, your light(s) will be hand-built and delivered by courier. All orders are normally delivered within 15 working days. If you have any delivery queries please use our live chat function, email or speak to our customer service team on 0800 032 9366.


We would like you to love every light you try, but if you don't we will happily offer you an exchange or a full refund for goods returned within 30 days. If you need to return or exchange a light call please use our live chat function, email or call 0800 032 9366. call us (Mon to Fri 8:30am to 5:30pm GMT) and we will arrange collection at our cost (from UK Mainland addresses).

The 30 Day trial

Approx. 98 in every 100 readers who experience the brilliant impact of a Serious light want to keep it. The idea of the in home trial is that you can try it for yourself in your reading space and see how much your eyes prefer it. Your order starts with a 30 day in-home risk-free trial. If you’re not totally happy with your light we will refund you the full amount including shipping costs and collect your light free from any UK mainland address.

Decide to keep your Serious light, and you will be covered by our unusually long 5 year no quibble guarantee. (5 year guarantee applies to HD, Alex, Classic and Winston ranges).

Hand Built

Serious lights are built by hand in Great Britain. Each is touched by more than 70 highly trained hands during construction using more than 100 bespoke components. Each light is carefully crafted in minute detail and delivered fully assembled. No flat pack misery, no tools needed, just plug them in and read.


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Product FAQs

Are they worth the money?

Designed by readers for readers each light is hand-built in our British factory using the best components sourced from the four corners of the world. Built to last with a 5 year guarantee, these are tools for serious readers who read more than the average Joe and want the best light they can afford. Our light engines are more than standard bulbs and engage patented technologies to project the best light spectrum and pattern that decades of research and user feedback enables. Don’t buy one if you want cheap. If you’re looking for the best then it’s worth noting that fewer than 1 in 50 readers doesn’t love their light. Check out our independent reviews on FEEFO here.

How can I decide which light is right for my situation?

Your eyes are unique to you and you want to get it right so we know that most people will prefer to check with a specialist adviser. Use our live chat service to point you in the right direction. If you’d prefer to speak to someone over the phone, our British customer advice team can be reached on Freephone 0800 032 9366.

User Guide
Please click here to view instructions
How does the 30 day risk-free trial work?

Try a light in your reading space and see the difference for yourself. If you are one of the few people who find it doesn’t quite do the trick for you, we can either swap it for a different model or collect it, all at our cost (UK mainland) and at the same time issue you with a full refund including the shipping charges.

How do I change the bulb on this light?

How do I dim the light?

The Alex Varifocus light has built in beam adjustment courtesy of the optic lens on the bulb unit. Simply slide the lens down to narrow the beam and push it back into the light to spread the light out.

Where is the switch on my light?

The switch for this light can be found at the location indicated by the blue arrow.

What type of plug does it have?

This light runs at mains voltage and so uses a standard plug. An image of this can be seen to the right.

The Serious Difference

  • 30 Day Risk-Free Trial

    If you're not totally happy with your light we will refund the full amount, including delivery charges, and collect the light at our cost (UK mainland only).

  • Hand-built in the UK

    All High Definition, Alex and Classic lights are built by hand in Great Britain and delivered fully assembled. No flat pack misery. No tools needed.

  • Recommended by Opticians

    Over 500 independent optometrists believe that Serious Lights make a worthwhile difference to their patients.

  • 5 Year Warranty

    High Definition, Alex and Classic lights all come with a full 5 year warranty period.

Delivery Information

  • United Kingdom

    Delivery Usually Within 2 Weeks
    £9.95 Delivery Charge
    Choose Delivery Date
    Delivery Via APC
    UK Mainland Only

  • Europe

    Delivery Usually Within 3 Weeks
    £9.95 Delivery Charge
    Delivery Via FedEx

  • Rest of World

    Delivery Usually Within 4 Weeks
    £9.95 Delivery Charge
    Delivery Via FedEx