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Optician Recommended

The person you trust most with your eyes is most probably your optometrist. In the unfortunate event that you develop a serious eye condition you might even turn to a specialist eye surgeon but it’s a measure of the precious nature of your eyes, which deliver up to 80% of your sensory perception, that their care will not normally be trusted even to your GP.

Why do so many Eye-Care Professionals Recommend Serious Lights?
As a professional eye care specialist, your optometrist understands that everything you see is light. Correctly prescribed spectacle lenses can offer one part of a solution tailored to your needs. What lenses do is better focus the available light onto your retina. Improving the light itself can also make a big difference, especially when reading or enjoying other close tasks like sewing.

This is why opticians often discuss the need for better lighting with their patients. If you are struggling to see clearly, particularly when the daylight fades in the evenings, then improved lighting will be likely to make a big difference.
What if I've had my eyes lasered?
After laser eye surgery, your ability to see at a distance without glasses or contact lenses should of course improve greatly. Equally, you are likely to find you need more help with near focus when reading small print. The right reading light will make a big difference.
More than 400 Independent Optometrists have "Seen the Light"
The fact that Serious partners include over 400 independent opticians like The Outside Clinic , the largest and oldest home-visiting Optical Practice in the UK is no accident. Not all lights are the same. Few are designed and built with your improved visual performance as the main outcome in mind. This matters if you are straining to see detail, want to discern colours in their true light, and would like to try to overcome blurred vision or tiredness. There are many lights out there but nobody is more focussed on building reading lights specifically designed to help you see more clearly.
Serious Readers have partnered with The Outside Clinic the largest and oldest home-visiting Optical Practice in the UK click here for more details