Perfect for puzzling, needlework & craftwork

I am delighted with my light. As well as reading it makes such a difference with my needlework and also doing jigsaw puzzles.
Mrs Emerton of Fleet

Just the job! I could actually do my Sudoku without putting my specs on. It's brilliant, I was a little hesitant about spending that much money on a table lamp, but I am really glad my daughter persuaded me to.
Mr Wickens of Haywards Heath

It is great, I can read music again.
Mr Lees of Derby

I can see to thread a needle again. The light is worth its weight in gold.
Mrs Brittain of Manchester

This high definition light is excellent. I can once again read and do jigsaws which my eye condition had prevented me from doing.
Mrs Winn of Milton Keynes

I need it for watercolour and other painting - it's fit for that. A very good lamp.
Mr Scanlan of London

I purchased a high definition light from you before Xmas and have been using it for work (Dental Technology ).
Mr B of West Sussex

The light is everything I hoped for. I can now see to do my needlework and even jigsaw puzzles which I couldn't manage last Winter on dark gloomy days.
Mrs McLean of Bournemouth

The customer service I  received on the first two occasions  I purchased from your company was very impressive but the service I have received in relation to my third purchase ( in less than 18 months )  has been truly exceptional. I really cannot come up with any suggestions for improving your business model! Please keep up the good work! It is a very long time since any company from whom I purchased a product made me feel a  highly valued customer, but the staff at Serious Readers  with whom I dealt in relation to my latest purchase have reminded me how nice it feels to be given really excellent customer service..
Mr Williams of Bristol

I am a textile artist/embroiderer and work on very fine hand-stitched pieces so the bright beam of light directed onto my sewing is perfect. Your light is great for do embroidery and fine stitching.
Mrs Drewett of Louth

It has been a big help. It has made a big improvement to my stamp collecting.
Mr Roberts of Llangollen

I can see the colours in their true light which greatly helps in my matching up parts whilst model making. Also there is very little heat which enables the glue to dry naturally.
Mr Shimmin of Stockton on Tees

It is brilliant at picking out colours.
Mr Dudman of W Yorks