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Light Matters

There is so much more to light than meets the eye. While brightness is important to sight, light has a much more powerful impact on us than many realise.

What Matters?

  • Daylight Spectrum

    When the sun shines, it sheds a particular light spectrum from an infinite number of possibilities, offering us the chance to see in high definition and distinguish between up to ten million colour hues.

    Our eyes are built for natural light. Although to the naked eye, artificial light sources may appear to be similar, they are fundamentally different in their spectral make-up. These differences change what we can see and how we feel.

    Proprietary Serious Daylight Wavelength Technology™ sheds an unsurpassed light beam that mirrors the daylight spectrum as closely as we believe to be technically possible.*

    *Serious High Definition and Alex Lights

  • Colour Temperature

    Measured in Kelvin (K), this describes how yellow (warm) or blue (cool) a light source is. Light from a candle sits near the bottom at circa 1,850K, with noon daylight towards the top at 6,000K.

    When outside in intense light, a 6,000K light will appear white, but move indoors to read in less intense ambient light, and that same light is likely to seem uncomfortably blue and intense.

    Serious Lights use specialist technology to shine daylight indoors, projecting a warm white beam of 3,500-4,000K that is kinder to the indoor eye.

  • Colour Rendering Index

    Depending on your light source, colours will either appear true to life or washed out. The closeness to natural light is measured by the Colour Rendering Index (CRI).

    CRI is a score out of 100 that indicates how accurately a light source represents the colours in an illuminated object when compared to natural light. It should be a key consideration if you enjoy a hobby where colour matters like painting, jigsaws or embroidery.

    The Serious High Definition Light is as close to daylight as we have found to be technically possible with a CRI of 99/100. These light sources have been used to bring out the fine colour hues at the Van Gogh and Guggenheim museums.

The Serious Difference

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 stars

    It's like reading in intense daylight, but without any glare or stray reflections - fantastic!

    Mr. Hambidge, Milford Haven

  • 5 stars

    I can see more easily with less eye strain because the light is much more like daylight.

    Miss. Chatterton, Lincolnshire

  • 5 stars

    When sitting under this light it feels as though you are bathed in sunlight. Well worth the money.

    Mrs. Nicholls, Shropshire

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