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High Quality Bedside Reading Lights

For lovers of bedtime reading, there is nothing better than reading by a built-for-purpose bedside reading light. Serious Lights offer a pool of crisp, personal light, directed on to the page, not around the room. See our best range of reading lights for bedside reading below.

Our Three Best Bedside Reading Lights

High Definition Table Reading Light - Desk Area

Key Features

  • Our most powerful model
  • Closest to daylight
  • Text simply leaps off the page
  • Even small print is crisp and clear
  • Every colour is rich and vibrant

Suitable For
  • Reading Books
  • Reading larger publications (magazines, newspapers)
  • Hobbies involving colour (artwork, needlework)
  • Hobbies requiring wide beam (music, jigsaws)
  • Eye conditions(AMD, Cataracts, Glaucoma)
Alex Table Reading Light - Bedside Radio

Key Features

  • High performance, low energy
  • State of the art LED technology
  • Long-life, high intensity beam
  • Cool to the touch
  • Close to natural daylight

Suitable For
  • Reading Books
  • Reading larger publications (magazines, newspapers)
  • Hobbies involving colour (artwork, needlework)
  • Hobbies requiring wide beam (music, jigsaws)
Classic Table Reading Light - Wooden Bedside

Key Features

  • Our original light model
  • Deliberately narrow beam
  • Ideal for night-time reading
  • Light focussed on to your page
  • Uses just 5W of energy

Suitable For
  • Reading Books

Why choose a Serious Light for your bedside?

  • Fit_640x1000_cat-bed-004 Fit_640x1000_cat-bed-004 Fit_640x1000_cat-bed-004

    Customise the light to your eyes

    Most bedside reading lights come in one shape or size. We are all different – what we read varies a lot, as do ambient lighting conditions, so it is essential to have personal control.

    Serious Bedside Lights are customisable and can uniquely be configured to suit your individual needs.

    Each Serious bedside reading light can be equipped with a dimmer function so you can adjust the light to suit your eyes.

  • Fit_640x1000_cat-bed-005 Fit_640x1000_cat-bed-005 Fit_640x1000_cat-bed-005

    Minimise the risk of eyestrain

    Recent research shows that poor quality light not only causes eyestrain but can also damage eyes and interfere with your sleep. The wrong type of light, especially at night, can affect your circadian rhythm and sleeping patterns.

    The absence of a harmful blue-light spike in our technology eradicates the risk of damage to the retina and minimises disturbance to our body clocks.

  • Fit_640x1000_cat-bed-006 Fit_640x1000_cat-bed-006 Fit_640x1000_cat-bed-006

    Optimise your posture and wellbeing

    Because our sight dominates our sensory perception, when we can't see clearly, we subconsciously move our body towards the light source, adjusting our posture to the poor lighting conditions.

    A Serious Light can be ideally positioned with the light focusing over your shoulder so that all of the light beam falls onto your page, allowing the light to take the strain, not your body.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 stars

    I now have two of your table lights in my living room and bedroom. They are of immense benefit to my reading.

    Mr Rogerson, Cumbria

  • 5 stars

    So pleased had to buy a second one to have by my bed and as it is fully dimmable it makes it even better as a bedside light.

    Mrs Nile, Folkestone

  • 5 stars

    Excellent as a bedside light and for reading small print.

    Mr Cheyne, Orpington