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'Worst shed in Britain' is transformed into a reading refuge for Newport resident

Thursday 31 October 2013

A shed which was once named the worst in Britain has undergone a magical transformation – into the Shed of the Year.The make-over comes after the shed’s owner, Audrey Bazley, of Frambury Lane, Newport, applied to the annual Shed of the Year competition and was selected as the winner from more than 1,900 applicants.

Mrs Bazley said: “It’s just amazing. They’ve turned it into a little sanctuary for when you just want to get away from the house. It’s like a little oasis of calm.

“We didn’t hear anything for a while, then I heard I was down to the last 10 and then three weeks ago I was told I was the winner.”

Since her husband passed away a few years ago, Mrs Bazley said she had delayed sorting out the formerly run down building because it contained some of his old belongings, as well as some which used to belong to her father.

She added: “Not only was it a wonderful prize, but it was also very helpful for me as it’s quite a traumatic thing to clear out somebody’s old things. So the prize has helped me do things for myself. It’s my little palace.”

The shed was redecorated by design firm Eley Kishimoto, enlisted to help by the competition sponsors Cuprinol.

Mark Eley, of Eley Kishimoto, said: “Growing up in my grandfather’s sheds, it was great to be able to revive the magic of the shed for somebody else. I’ve created the outside design, Cuprinol have provided the colours, and now it is up to Audrey and her family to provide the memories.”

The shed combines blue, lemon and moss green colours and has been fitted inside with a carpet, armchair, blankets and bookshelves to combine Mrs Bazley’s two passions of the outdoors and reading.

Kathryn Ledson, Cuprinol marketing manager, added: “The UK shed industry is worth over £6bn, which just goes to show how important sheds are to us Brits.

“People lead hectic lives and are using their sheds all year round as extensions of their home.”


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