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World’s first self-sustainable public lighting column

Thursday 10 October 2013

A Dutch company has introduced today the world’s first lighting column that doesn’t have to be connected to the electric grid.

Called the Spirit, the lighting column manufactured by Kaal Masten relies solely on solar energy and takes advantage of the LED technology that uses very low amounts of electricity.

Up to 18 metres tall, the column’s greatest advantage, the company says, is its convenience to be installed anywhere in the world, providing light in areas with difficult access to electricity.

The designers have opted for a modular approach, enabling users to change the number of solar panels and the size of the column according to their needs.

Hailed as the world’s first fully sustainable public lighting device, the Spirit column features completely recyclable batteries and doesn’t consume any energy sourced from the outside.

"This is the future of public lighting,” said Kaal Masten’s director Jos van den Hurk. “Firstly because of the stand-alone nature of the column, governments and other managers of open spaces are no longer dependent on the mains network in order to realise top quality lighting, and therefore safety. In addition, sustainability plays a significant role as the CO2 footprint of public lighting will be substantially reduced as a result."

The first Spirit solar-powered lighting columns will soon be installed in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Kaal Masten has been working on the development for about three years.


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