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Welcome news for dry eye disease sufferers

Welcome news for dry eye disease sufferers

Monday 09 November 2015

It is estimated that 15-33% of people over 65 suffer from Dry Eye Disease – a chronic inflammation of the eyes caused by reduced tear production. Unpleasant symptoms of the disease can include irritation and a permanent sensation of grittiness in the eyes, and the condition can lead to blindness. Now, for the first time, NICE are on the verge of recommending the prescription of ciclosporin by the NHS.

Ciclosporin reduces inflammation both in the cornea and the lacrimal gland, and only needs to be administered once a day. To date, it has not been prescribed because of doubts over its cost-effectiveness. However NICE have now had a change of heart and decided that it can be prescribed as a treatment for severe keratitis in certain adults with dry eye disease.

The treatment was accepted by the NHS in Scotland in October 2015, and, barring any last-minute changes, similar NICE guidance in the England should follow in December. Professor Carole Longson, Director of NICE’s Centre for Health Technology , comments “I am sure this will be welcome news for patients and health care professionals alike.”


  1. Nursing Times:
    NICE nearing green light for dry eye disease treatment.
  2. NICE:
    NICE consults on dry eye treatment and asks for more information from the company.



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