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Weight loss after surgery could improve eye conditions

Weight loss after surgery could improve eye conditions

Thursday 28 September 2017

Scientists have discovered a dramatic link between weight loss following bariatric surgery and improved retina health, suggesting that blindness due to retinal damage may be reversible.

A combined research team from the University of Melbourne and Leeds Beckett University spear-headed a worldwide study into weight loss and how it impacts sight.  Bariatric surgery (either restricting the size of the stomach or physically removing parts of the digestive tract) and its resulting weight loss were shown to significantly improve the microvasculature of the retinas in 22 patients who had the procedure, whilst here was no change in a control group.

The authors claim: “The findings suggest obesity-related microvascular changes are reversible after bariatric surgery-induced weight loss”. The discovery could pave the way for new therapies for certain forms of vision loss.


  1. Medical Xpress:
    weight loss after obesity surgery may reverse eye damage.


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