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UK theatres could face £180m EU lighting bill

UK theatres could face £180m EU lighting bill

Monday 02 July 2018

If current EU proposals see the light of day, UK theatres could be in for a crippling financial shock, with the vast majority of current stage lighting deemed unsuitable for future use. With a deadline to replace current systems by 2020, it is estimated that price tag of the planned change is in excess of £180m, with costs in London expected to reach £35m.

Under the EU proposal, there would be a ban on the sale of most lighting fixtures currently in use from 2020 on the grounds of energy inefficiency. Experts are suggesting that many venues may face the choice of theatre without lighting or complete shut down.

An exemption was created for theatres under legislation introduced in 2009 which banned the sale of tungsten bulbs for domestic use. Campaigners are calling for the same exemption to be included in the new proposals. Prospects look dark for many theatres if a compromise is not found.


  1. The Stage:
    Theatres face shock £180m bill under EU lighting proposals.

  2. The Evening Standard:
    Click here.


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