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Treating cancer with light now proven to work

Treating cancer with light now proven to work

Friday 09 December 2016

Scientists claim to have proven the effectiveness of a radical new natural treatment for cancer which could change the way we approach therapy.

Photoimmunotherapy (PIT) is a new therapy which combines the immune system's ability to target cancer cells precisely with laser energy's abilities to destroy cancer cells. The treatment is so unique and promising because its cancer cell-killing power is so selective and immediate.

Developed by Dr. Kerstin Stenson, PIT offers a highly targeted option for people who have cancer cells located in their head and neck. Dr Merrill Biel who set up the clinical trial programme says "Photoimmunotherapy is a first-in-class treatment platform designed to provide an option for patients whose head and neck cancer has failed standard care treatments.”


  1. Natural news:
    Photoimmunotherapy: Treating cancer cells with light now proven to work.

  2. Medical Life Sciences News:
    Photoimmunotherapy may be promising treatment option to combat cancer.


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