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Today is National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Today is National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Monday 26 February 2018

On February 26th every year, the art of fairy tale telling is celebrated throughout the UK. Many libraries and schools have fairy tale readings, and there are many ways in which you can participate in celebrating this rich oral tradition at home.

Why not re-read your favourite fairy tales, or introduce the children in your life to a tale of two? You could even pen your own fairy tale if you have the inclination. As so many films are based on fairy tale themes, why not watch one? Some people even host a fairy tale party, with guests coming as their favourite characters

While now regarded as a genre of children's literature, pre-17th century most fairy tales had themes which were decidedly unfit for junior consumption and were written mostly for adults. Over the years, fairy tales became a way of frightening children into doing what they were told, and this tradition continues in various guises. Emma Thompson's glorious portrayal of magical governess Nanny McPhee is one example, based on Christiana Brand's Nurse Matilda books.

If you decide to join in, we hope you enjoy your day in the company of fairies, giants, mermaids and gnomes.


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