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The end of glasses for presbyopia sufferers Implants perform well over time

The end of glasses for presbyopia sufferers? Implants perform well over time…

Wednesday 08 April 2015

For over a billion people worldwide, Presbyopia is an inevitable consequence of growing older, hence the common name “Old Eye”. The inability to see things at close range usually results in the sufferer wearing reading glasses. All that could be about to change….

Taking only 10 minutes to implant under topical anaesthesia, KAMRA Vision’s corneal inlay device is proving to be remarkably effective in combating the effects of Presbyopia. In a study run by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, 507 Presbyopia sufferers were given the implant. The patients were all between 45-60 years of age from across the USA, Europe and Asia. Over the course of the three year study, in 83% of cases the implant has allowed patients to see with 20/40 vision or better – the standard for being able to read a newspaper without corrective lenses.

The device works like a camera, automatically adjusting to correct depth of field, and, unlike many other corrective procedures, the surgery is easily reversible if patients have an adverse reaction. "This is a solution that truly delivers near vision that transitions smoothly to far distance vision," says John Vukich, M.D., a clinical adjunct professor in ophthalmology and vision sciences at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. "Corneal inlays represent a great opportunity to improve vision with a safety net of removability."


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    Could Reading Glasses Soon Be a Thing of the Past?.
    No More Reading Glasses: KAMRA Vision Implants Treat Presb.


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