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The bionic eye comes a step closer

The bionic eye comes a step closer….

Monday 14 January 2019

In a landmark step towards achieving the stuff of science fiction, American scientists have employed 3D printing to create a primitive “eye” on a hemispherical surface.

The team from Minnesota University successfully 3D printed an array of light receptors on a hemispherical glass dome, the first step towards creating a “bionic eye”. For the first time, printing semiconductors on curved surfaces has become a relatively easy process.

Co-Author of the study, Associate Professor Michael McAlpine, writes: "We have a long way to go to routinely print active electronics reliably, but our 3D-printed semiconductors are now starting to show that they could potentially rival the efficiency of semiconducting devices fabricated in microfabrication facilities."

Next steps involve creating a prototype using more light receptors, and investigating the viability of printing on a soft surface which would allow use in a real eye socket.


1.Science Daily:
Researchers 3D print prototype for 'bionic eye'.

2.Daily Mirror:
Scientists 3D-print a 'bionic eye' that could soon let blind people see again.


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