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Blue Light and AMD

Scientists claim blue light from digital devices could speed up AMD

Monday 03 September 2018

Canadian scientists claim to have discovered a direct link between the blue light emitted by digital devices and the production of a toxin which kills light cells in our eyes, and which ultimately can speed up the onset of macular degeneration.

Blue light has a shorter wavelength and more energy than other colours, and we are exposed to it naturally during daylight hours. The problem comes at night, because dilation of our pupils allows more blue light to enter our eyes, which in turn leads to more damage to the retina.

The research team are currently measuring light coming from tv, mobile phones and tablets to better understand how our eyes react to over-exposure to blue light. It is hoped the study will lead to improved methods of management, especially for future generations.


  1. The Telegraph:
    How blue light from smartphones can speed up blindness.

  2. EurekAlert!:
    UToledo chemists discover how blue light speeds blindness.



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