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Revolutionary new cataract treatment concept

Revolutionary new cataract treatment concept

Thursday 19 September 2019

A revolutionary new concept is providing a way to treat cataracts ultra-fast.

A French company named Keranova, who are based in Saint Etienne and Lyon, have developed a robotised laser to treat patients. The approach is providing a rethinking of surgical procedures, giving precision and automation as opposed to human interaction; eliminating elements of risk.

The start-up company has raised €24 million in its second round of financing. The money is going to help the company speed up their development of the project and gain regulatory authorisation to market their automated solution for cataract surgery.

The device successfully treated its first patients in December 2018, the first robot of its kind to perform automated phacoemulsification of cataractous lenses.

This robot has such advanced programming that it cannot be used with other laser devices due to their outdated technology.

Part of the funding came from shareholders, Mérieux Equity Partners. Valérie Calenda is a partner at the company and said,

“Less than four years after our first round of financing, Keranova’s development team has produced a new cataract surgery device while adhering to the initial scope of its work.

The first-in-human surgical procedures have been very encouraging. As a benchmark shareholder, we support Keranova in marketing a revolutionary device with the ability to transform the way in which cataract surgery is performed on millions of people worldwide.”

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