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Plant Powered Lamps bring Light to Darkest Peru

Plant-Powered Lamps bring Light to Darkest Peru…

Friday 04 December 2015

Nuevo Saposoa is typical of many Peruvian rainforest villages. Wet, dark, and with little access to electricity, good light is only to be found in the tree canopy. But scientists have now devised a simple eco-friendly method of creating working light at ground level using the abundant organic resources offered by the rainforest itself.

A team from the University of Lima has successfully developed a lamp powered by plants which has the ability to shine for two hours per day through the use of a low energy LED lamp. Naturally occurring bacteria are used to fuel the lamp using a system which catches electrons released when the bacteria are oxidized. Project spokesman Elmer Ramirez says: “We made proper use of the Amazon region’s own natural resources such as the soil and plants, in harmony with the environment without any impact whatsoever on the forest”.

All of which spells a bright future for at least one Amazonian community.


  1. IFL Science:
    Plant-Powered Lamps Light Up a Rural village In Peru.
  2. UTEC News:
    UTEC develops plant lamp with an innovative system that generates alternative renewable energy.


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