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Are people who read happier

Are people who read happier?

Monday 03 June 2019

A recent survey launched by Kindle has found that people who read weekly are reported to feel happier than those who read less frequently or who don’t read at all. The survey conducted by Kelton Global surveyed over 27,000 people from 13 different countries and found that 71% of weekly readers felt happier than those who read less or those who don’t read at all (55%).

The survey also shed light on the impact reading has on improving connections and communications with people. 80% of the people surveyed said reading improved their relationships while 81% of people said they look forward to discussing what they have been reading with other people.

Research has also revealed that reading can help take that next step with someone with 41% of couples polled saying that talking about books and reading made them fall in love with their significant other. Around 30% of the people questioned stated that they would question their relationship based on what type of books their partner chose. A similar percentage also said they would question their relationship if their partner didn’t read.

Nearly half of those surveyed said it was a personal goal to read more this year due to the positive impact reading has had on them. Over 2/3 of people also admitted to skipping an activity in order to devote more time to reading.


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