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People could soon be injected with infrared vision

People could soon be injected with infrared vision

Monday 02 September 2019

Scientists predict that people will soon be able to see infrared light due to tiny particle injections.

Research has been completed on mice, by injecting the nanoparticles into their eyeballs, which was deemed successful. The next stage of the research is to administer the injections to dogs, with plans to quickly follow with human experimentation.

The research team explained it as a real-life representation of some popular superheroes' abilities.

The foundation for the idea is to help elite teams like the SAS complete dangerous missions at night or in low-light circumstances, without the need for visual aids.

However, the idea of infrared vision has been linked to aiding space exploration and possibly even helping people born with severe blindness.

All objects emit infrared light but it’s invisible to the human eye, creating the need and invention of thermal imaging technology.

Principal investigator Professor Gang Han is part of the team investigating these possibilities.

Prof Han said, “When we look at the universe, we see only visible light. But if we had near-infrared vision, we could see the universe in a whole new way. We might be able to do infrared astronomy with the naked eye, or have night vision without bulky equipment."


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