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New Lighting to be installed at French Open

New Lighting to be installed at French Open

Monday 01 July 2019

The French Tennis Federation (FFT) president Bernard Guidicelli has revealed that lighting will be installed at the Stade Roland-Garros in Paris.

The venue is host to the world famous French Open, otherwise known as Roland Garros, which plays out 1 of the 4 major tennis tournaments and is a highlight in the tennis calendar. In previous years play has had to stop due to darkness impacting the courts lighting, however this could soon be an issue of the past. Lighting will be installed on the 4 main courts: Lenglen, Chatrier, Mathieu and Court 4 for next years tournament with the remaining courts having lights installed by 2021.

According to Guidicelli the decision was made to install lights as well as to fit a roof for the Chatrier court as they ‘want to make this stadium alive throughout the year in a configuration that will enable us to offer the best for the people living close by and the best for the players and audience during the tournament’.

Current Roland Garros champion, Rafa Nadal, was questioned about his thoughts on the new lights and its implementation leading to playing matches at night. He stated that ‘to play on clay at night is something that I don’t like personally’ but however overall he is happy and supportive of the move as it is a ‘necessary evolution for the sport’.

There is an argument that playing under a light could be of benefit to the players. This is because it will allow for a consistent light source throughout the game, without any need for the player’s eyes to adjust to the differences in natural light levels throughout the day. Research has suggested that lighting can improve our performance when completing tasks and this could become apparent once the new lighting is installed at the French Open.


  1. Roland Garros’ four main courts to have lights from 2020.

  2. French Open to install lights in time for next year.


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