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New light that’s invisible to plants

New light that’s “invisible” to plants

Thursday 22 October 2015

Japanese scientists have invented a form of outdoor lighting visible to humans but which does not inhibit plant development…

White Light Emitting Diode (WLED) technology has been used for many years to provide lighting systems, and there have been many advances to reduce energy consumption without loss of brightness. All of which is wonderful for indoor lighting, but problematic for outdoor use.

The issue is that the WLEDs are changing the ecosystems found in naturally dark plant habitats such as caves or dense woodlands. This is encouraging the growth of invasive species whilst inhibiting blooming in indigenous plant forms, which means a deterioration in natural habitats.

Driven to action by the destruction of the natural ecosystem at the Akiyoshido cave in Yamaguchi, a team led by researcher Tomohiko Nakajima have now developed a WLED which emits a light spectrum which is effectively invisible to plants.

All of which means a bright – and safe - future for many of the world’s natural beauty spots.


  1. Chemistry World:
    Light that’s invisible to plants.


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