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New LED technology improves pedestrian safety

New LED technology improves pedestrian safety

Thursday 31 August 2017

There are more than 10,000 accidents related to traffic every year in Singapore – a great many involving smartphone users.  Advanced LED strips have been placed on the path near the edge of two very busy crossings picked to be part of a trial in an attempt to prevent accidents that occur when pedestrians use smartphones whilst crossing.

The LED strips have been developed to operate in sync with pedestrian traffic lights. When the green man appears, the strips on the floor turn green. At the point when the lights are going to change, the strips begin to flash in green to warn pedestrians that it is becoming unsafe to cross the road. Lastly, when the red-man appears, the strips glow red to pull the attention of pedestrians and warning them not to cross.

The two crossings chosen to be part of the trial are at busy junctions just outside a large shopping centre (Bugis Junction shopping mall). They were picked because they are used by a high volume of pedestrians across different demographics, including children and the elderly. The LED lights will be turned on and visible 24 hours a day. Throughout the next six months the Singaporean Land Transport Authority (LTA) will consider if they are useful in urging pedestrians to focus more on traffic signals when crossing the road.


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