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New discovery could lead to cure for Glaucoma

Thursday 06 December 2018

Scientists at Harvard Medical School have discovered a new pathway for the development of glaucoma which “gives hope for finding a cure” according to co-senior study author Professor Feng Chen.

Current therapies for Glaucoma focus on relieving eye pressure, but this would seem to be only partially successful. In a significant number of cases, patients whose eye pressure returns to normal still go on to lose their sight.

The new research suggests that high pressure in the eye sets into motion an autoimmune response that attacks neurons in the retina, which in turn leads to vision loss. The discovery of these new immune cells (Memory T Cells) opens new possibilities for target therapies for those already with the condition, and even putting measures in place to stop the development of the disease entirely.

If these destructive T cells can be isolated and dealt with, the research team feel that a cure for Glaucoma is a real possibility.


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