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New App adjusts TV for Colour-Blindness

New App adjusts TV for Colour-Blindness

Thursday 15 March 2018

Samsung have launched an App which they claim will colour correct a connected TV according to your unique ability to see the colour visual spectrum. The net effect is a more vibrant experience for anyone suffering colour vision deficiency (CVD) – also known as colour-blindness.

The SeeColors App allows the user to perform a simple self-diagnostic test, developed by boffins at the Budapest University of Technology, which determines which colours you are less likely to perceive. This information can then be scanned directly to a Samsung QLED TV, giving you the perfect colour settings to compensate for the deficits in your vision.

It is estimated that around 300 million people worldwide have some form of colour-blindness.


  1. Engadget:
    Samsung made an app that adjusts its TVs for color blindness.

  2. Techradar:
    Samsung launches app for QLED TVs that helps color-blind viewers see color.


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