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MPs support initiative to acknowledge the risk of sight impairment to drivers

MPs support initiative to acknowledge the risk of sight impairment to drivers

Thursday 08 December 2016

It is estimated that 2,900 road casualties are caused by poor vision every year in the UK. But just how important is good vision to drivers themselves?

New research undertaken by Vision Express among 2,000 drivers revealed that one in three drivers feel that vision impairment is second only to using your mobile phone when driving as the biggest single risk on UK roads. But worryingly, more than 60% did not know what the legal eyesight requirement for driving is, 93% did not realise that you could lose your vision without noticing, and 11% had not had a sight test since they passed their driving test. All of which adds up to a palpable lack of concern around the importance of sight to drivers.

To address this, the road safety charity Brake and the Optical Confederation are running a campaign to raise awareness of the issue entitled “Your Eyes Save Lives”, which advocates getting your eyes tested at least every two years. The campaign has gained the backing of MP’s Rebecca Harris, Huw Merriman, Stuart Andrew, Flick Drummond, Andrew Bridgen and Barry Sheerman.


  1. Optometry today:
    MPs support initiative to end road collisions due to sight impairment.

  2. Optical Confederation:
    Driving and Vision Campaign.


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  • John Kimberley
    18 Dec 2016

    The present eye test for the driving test is totally inadequate. A proper test of vision and field of vision should be mandatory.

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