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Melbourne plans public lighting upgrade

Melbourne plans public lighting upgrade

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Melbourne City Council has endorsed a 10-year public lighting strategy that will see local landmarks and landscapes illuminated, some with special effects, in an attempt to enhance the city’s lighting skyline.

The plan, expected to cost around $20 million (almost £12 million) over five years, will also aim to improve public safety and increase the energy efficiency of the public lighting.

Its main objective is to “improve the quality, consistency and efficiency of night lighting in streets and public places so that places that are attractive by day will remain safe, comfortable and engaging after dark.”

The strategy is also intended to “promote and support Melbourne’s growing reputation as a 24-hour city.

“A vibrant and event-filled city is enhanced by innovative, well-considered lighting,” states the plan.

The initiative should save the city council almost $2 million (around £1.16 million) per year and could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 8,000 tonnes annually.


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