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Live near Cambridge Let light fill your life

Live near Cambridge? Let light fill your life…

Thursday 08 February 2018

Without light there can be no sight, and without sight we could not appreciate the myriad beauties that light gives us. For the next 5 days, Cambridge becomes the host to a contemporary arts festival - e-Luminate - which celebrates a unique collision of science and art.

Since 2013, e-Luminate has commissioned nearly 50 projects from the small to the grand, and this year Cambridge's iconic and beautiful architecture will form the back drop to work from some of the world's leading light artists.

e-Luminate promotes environmentally sound technologies and draws attention to them with this collection of spell-binding light art. It is estimated that the UK phototonics industry is worth £10.5 billion a year to our economy, and this exhibition forms a fitting tribute to light that is low carbon, energy efficient and cleantech.

The festival is a combination of free and paying events, and runs from Feb 9- Feb 14th. For more about the event, visit the website:


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