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Let there be light in 2021

Let there be light in 2021

Monday 11 January 2021

The Queen began her annual Christmas Day speech by saying, “Every year we herald the coming of Christmas by turning on the lights. And light does more than create a festive mood, light brings hope,” and ended it by poignantly stating, “Let the light of Christmas, the spirit of selflessness, love and above all, hope, guide us in the times ahead.”

Further to The Queen’s message of ‘hope and light’, we were also treated to a wonderful fireworks and light show to see in the New Year with London’s 10-minute display over the Thames which was aired on the BBC at midnight.

Projections lit up the sky over the O2 Arena in Greenwich reflecting on some of the defining moments of what has been a very challenging year, including tributes to our beloved NHS heroes and Captain Sir Tom Moore, as well as an acknowledging the impact of Black Lives Matter and a rousing rally cry from Sir David Attenborough regarding climate change, all combining to send a message of love and togetherness for 2021.

Light is a recurring theme in our lives, whether through the literal act of illuminating our existence or symbolically through faith, spirituality, art and literature. Light is often associated with not only hope, but also life, happiness, warmth and wisdom. It shapes our days, casts shadows on our nights, and pervades language; notably in phrases such as ‘sweetness and light’, ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, and ‘the light of one’s life’ to name but a few.

Can you think of any that we’ve missed? Be sure to comment and let us know.


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