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Lab test shows how light can help stop cancer growth

Lab test shows how light can help stop cancer growth

Thursday 11 April 2019

In a series of pre-clinical laboratory tests, scientists have proven the effectiveness of the “light method” in oncotherapy. The tests, carried out on mice, resulted in the halting of tumour growth in 70% of cases, paving the way for clinical trials of the method.

The research, a collaboration between scientists based in Zimbabwe and Russia, is the latest step in the fusion of photodynamic therapy with targeted drug delivery, and demonstrates the potential power of the combination. The scientists have combined a magnetic nanoparticle (deliverer) with a molecule-photosensitizer which kills cancer cells when affected by light. This hybrid enables the use of MRI to track the movement of molecules in the bloodstream and monitor their accumulation in real time.

In order for the treatment of the cancerous organ to be effective, irradiation needs to occur when the concentration of the drug is at its peak in the targeted tissue. In their tests, the team established an optimum time for this to occur - a major step in the development of the technique.


HSA—Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles for MRI-Guided Photodynamic Cancer Therapy.

2.EurekAlert! Right on target:
Light hybrid molecule stops tumor growth in mice.


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