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Is smart lighting a hackers dream

Is smart lighting a hacker’s dream?

Wednesday 18 January 2017

Over the past few years, smart lighting has become a byword for home energy efficiency. Smart technology allows users to programme indoor and outdoor lighting to come on without the need to flick a switch, and the whole system is often “smart-programmable” over the internet. But just how secure are these systems? Not at all, according to Internet security expert Ken Munro…

According to Munro, founder of Pen Test Partners, hackers find it easy to gain access to personal info via smart kettles, coffee makers and lighting systems. Many manufacturers are simply bolting on a Bluetooth, GSM or Wi-Fi module without considering the security implications. In short, wherever there is a communications chip, there is the possibility of compromise.

In a recent live “ethical hacking” demonstration, Mr Munro used a smart kettle to figure out its Internet IP address. With this info, he was able to gain access to the home computer system – a few short steps away from passwords and other sensitive information.

The onus, says Mr Munro, is on manufacturers to use only the best encrypted technology in its systems – and as consumers we should all check the safety of our smart systems as part of the selection process.


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