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How light could be used to treat incontinence

Monday 11 February 2019

Such is the untapped potential of the restorative capabilities of LED that there seems to be a new discovery about medical benefits just about every other day. The latest potential breakthrough is in the area of incontinence.

Scientists in the US have implanted a device in rats which detects over activity in the bladder and then emits light to supress the urge to urinate. It is now hoped that a version of the device can be tested in humans, although years more development and testing would be needed before any device became available for people.

Given the ageing nature of our population, discoveries relating to problems primarily encountered in the third age are particularly welcome. For the past three decades, people with severe bladder problems have been treated with stimulators that send an electric current to the nerve that controls the bladder. These can disrupt normal nerve signalling to other organs, causing dizziness, muscle spasms and pain. Whilst it is not without its problems, the new therapy may eventually provide much more comfortable relief.


How a tiny light activated device could be a cure for incontinence.

2.Daily Mail:
Hope for 14million incontinent Britons.



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