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How dim lighting may affect consumers shopping habits

How dim lighting may affect consumers’ shopping habits

Thursday 26 July 2018

A recent study by researchers from Nanyang University, Singapore and North-western University in the United States found that dim lighting may influence consumers to purchase products that they feel will give them more pleasure rather than functional benefits.

Researchers from both universities carried out three group studies to measure the impact of lighting conditions. One hundred participants were randomly assigned to take part. The participants were given a few choices: a mobile app for work or a mobile app for entertainment; a competent job candidate and a fun job candidate and a documentary or a love drama. Afterwards, the participants were asked questions that would measure the extent to which they wanted to be authentic.

Studies showed that when in darkness, the participants were truer to themselves and followed their heart, with a greater preference for the hedonic option. Researchers from both universities found the tendency to be in favour of hedonic options in darkness disappeared when participants were reminded of their personal connections.


  1. Business Insider:
    Dim lighting could influence your desire to buy things — here’s how – .


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