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Great news for late night laptop lovers

Great news for late-night laptop lovers…

Tuesday 04 July 2017

For all of us who like a late-night read on a laptop via the chrome browser, the prospect of dozing nicely off to sleep after a satisfying surf has just come a step closer. The Google Chrome OS team has revealed it is on the verge of implementing an automatic "Sunset to Sunrise" mode for the upcoming Night Light feature.

Following last year’s news that Apple’s iOS 9.3 would come preloaded with support for a feature called Night Shift for use on 64-bit iPhones, it would seem that the Google Geeks want to upstage their adversaries by preloading the automatic function on the Chromebook.

Spokesman and Chrome Evangelist François Beaufort writes: "Chrome OS Night Light new feature aims to ensure reduced strain on the eyes and improved sleep by allowing you to limit the amount of blue light your display uses.” Let’s hope it does what is says on the tin….


  1. Softpedia:
    Chrome OS' Upcoming Night Light Feature Gets "Sunset to Sunrise" Automatic Mode.

  2. Francois Beaufort:
    Chrome OS Night Light new feature.


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