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Glaucoma linked to increased car accident risk

Glaucoma linked to increased car accident risk

Thursday 19 September 2019

Elderly people who have glaucoma are increasingly likely to be involved in road accidents.

A study carried out by Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, in which they have been analysing the correlations between glaucoma and motor vehicle accident for the past four years. The study showed out of 142 people suffering from moderate glaucoma, almost 11% reported being involved in an accident over the timespan of the study.

Co-author of the study, Sheryl Wizov stated, “Our study found 7 to 10 participants each year reported they gave up driving due to vision over the four years, with a total of 25% of patients over the course of the study turning in their car keys”.

The study has been warned to be enlightening because of its clinical relevance but made clear that it only accounts for at-fault collisions recorded by police files. Meaning there could be more accidents that the subjects were involved in but are not owning up to for various reasons.

In the UK, once you reach seventy, you must renew your license by law and notify the DVLA of any medical conditions that could affect you driving. You then must reregister every three years after the age of seventy as you are more likely to start developing medical conditions at this age and may need to quit driving as a result.

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