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Eye Health - Light and Sight

Eye Health - Light and Sight

Tuesday 07 September 2021

Our eyes breathe life into the world around us, by separating things around us into information that we can process. Their amazing abilities to detect millions of colours, adjust to short and long-distance viewing, as well as rapid information processing to differentiate us from the creatures we share the Earth with. However, these amazing abilities all grow weaker as we age, and we must make sure we can keep our eyes as healthy as possible.

As our eyes age, they undergo multiple changes which affect their ability to perform essential tasks. Our lenses harden and stiffen, affecting our focussing abilities. We can develop nasty eye conditions due to cell death. Our eyes can be affected by floaters, distracting us, or muscle decay can reduce their mobility and the total amount of light reaching the retina will slowly decrease.

A person in their sixties needs three times more light than someone in their twenties. That is a huge indication of the problems facing us as we grow older.

Poor lighting adds to the general wear and tear on our eyes, as it can lead to greater eye strain. Badly designed lights can also affect our circadian rhythms, causing us to lose sleep and affect our health more generally. When we choose a light, we need to make sure that the light will allow us to see more clearly, while also protecting your vision for the long-term future.

At Serious Readers, we have perfected Daylight Wavelength Technology™, which replicates the daylight spectrum and reduces eye strain. This amazing technology, contained inside our bespoke light engines, avoids the nasty effects of a disturbed circadian rhythm as well, allowing you to use our bright lights well into the evening, without the risk of losing sleep.


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