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European Commission backs calls for an end to Daylight Saving Time

Tuesday 16 October 2018

Following a recent EU consultation in which 84% of 4.6 million respondents in 28 member states called for an end to clock changes, The European Commission is set to propose an end to Daylight Saving Time throughout the EU.

The consultation showed that 76% of those who responded found clock changes either a “negative” or “very negative” experience. Reasons cited for this include the negative health impact of ignoring our biorhythms, the increased risk of road accidents and the lack of energy savings.

The commission said one option would be to let each member state decide whether to go for permanent summer or winter time. That would be "a sovereign decision of each member state", a Commission spokesman said. Whatever shape the final proposal takes, any change is unlikely before March 2019.


  1. European Commission:
    Summertime Consultation - 84% want Europe to stop changing the clock.

  2. BBC:


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