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Energy-saving lighting pulls into Clapham Junction

Energy-saving lighting pulls into Clapham Junction

Monday 02 September 2013

New control system adjusts light levels to match train timetable and passenger numbers, cutting lighting use 35 per cent.

The latest arrival at the UK's busiest train station is a new intelligent lighting control system that should cut lighting costs at Clapham Junction by around 35 per cent.

The system, installed by lighting controls company Open Technology, will automatically determine the precise light levels required during different phases of operation, matching lighting use to trains timetables, passenger presence and natural light levels; for example by dimming lights when the station is not being used or switching them off entirely when it is closed.

The system has been installed as part of an energy reduction and climate change drive by South West Trains and Network Rail that is expected to achieve annual energy cost savings of between £7m and £12m, delivering pay back for the project within six years.

The two companies have now worked with Open Technology on a series of projects that have resulted in the control system being installed at 25 stations and train maintenance depots along the Wessex Route.

Amy Dickinson, environment manager at the South West Trains/Network Rail Alliance, said the system also incorporates information on track usage, which enables the companies to spot areas where lighting efficiency can be further improved.

"Reducing our energy consumption is a challenging but crucial aspect of our business," she added in a statement. "Intelligent lighting has enabled us to save, on average, 20 per cent at each location."

Lighting is just one part of the wide-ranging energy efficiency and emissions reduction strategy being pursued across the rail network.

For example, large solar arrays have also been installed at Kings Cross and Blackfriars stations as part of Network Rail's bid to cut emissions 25 per cent per passenger by the end of the decade.


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