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Electric eel power harnessed to illuminate Christmas tree

Electric eel power harnessed to illuminate Christmas tree

Tuesday 10 December 2019

The Tennessee Aquarium in the United States has created an unorthodox way of powering the lights for its festive Christmas tree. Staff at the aquarium have linked the lights of the tree to a nearby electric eel tank. This is via a special system that links to a soundboard and a lightboard, this then recognises signals transmitted in the water by the eel and illuminates the lights.

The eel can also use its electric capabilities to send out tweets to his mass following.

Electric eels only emit high-voltage shocks when they are in a state of self-defence or trying to stun possible prey. This means that the illuminations are somewhat infrequent; but to many visitors, this is an incredible achievement to harness this electricity through innovative methods that there is awe at the possibility of this happening, let alone right in front of them.

Kimberly Hurt, who cares for the electric eel, said the infrequent intensity of the lights 'correspond with different kinds of electric eel shocks' and some of which can peak at about 800 volts.

This form of bio-electric-power is in dire need with the heightened state of global warming throughout the World. This form of electricity if harness properly could prove to be a sustainable source of energy that could potentially have capabilities to be limitless.

Scientists believe that if we take the cells that are found in these eels and duplicate them without causing harm to the aquatic fish, we can replicate their electrical ability.

This form of electrical power could soon power essential items like pacemakers.

Hunt continued, “"We want people to be interested in these animals and interested in protecting the waters that they live in."

The unusual spin on this year’s festivities has proven to be a big hit with visitors, so much so that Miguel the eel has his own twitter account.


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