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Aging Eye

Discover more about the ageing of our eyes

Thursday 09 September 2021

Our eyes are the amazing filters between us and the world around us. They detect colours, shapes, distances, and the changing environment we inhabit - but they don’t last forever. Sadly, they weaken with age, and must be protected.

Most eye-related conditions become far more common in people over the age of forty. For example, presbyopia rises rapidly in frequency at this stage in our lives. This is due to the inflexibility of the lens, and many years of extended usage.

We highly recommend that you get your eyes checked regularly after the age of 40, and at least every year after the age of 60. This is due to some of the nastier chronic conditions which can permanently reduce your field of vision like glaucoma and AMD, so regular eye exams can improve your chances of a speedy diagnosis.

What are some vision conditions to look out for as we age?

40+ Presbyopia can develop as the lens loses flexibility
50+ Increased risk of dry eye due to weakening tear production
60+ Blurry vision as cataracts affect the lenses, clouding them
70+ Risk of multiple chronic conditions increase, such as glaucoma and AMD

There are also measures we can take in our own lives to improve the general comfort of our eyes, preserving the inner mechanisms as we grow older.

The first measure we can take is by implementing the 20:20:20 rule. This simple rule helps you to relax your eyes while you’re working hard on a focussed task. All you have to do is take a long glance away from the task you’re doing, by staring at something 20 feet away, for twenty seconds – then repeat every twenty minutes. This relaxes the ciliary muscle, which is responsible for manoeuvering your lens. It’s important to reduce the workload on this muscle from time to time while it is working hard.

The second measure we can take to protect our eyes at home is to use lighting with daylight-replication technology, so as to reduce the nasty effects of eyestrain. Task lighting for reading, sewing, painting and other hobbies needs to be of a high quality, otherwise you could experience a great deal of pain during your most cherished hobby moments.

Serious Lights take a stand against nasty hobby-headaches and implement patented Daylight Wavelength Technology™, in order to protect our eyes as they continue to age. Our lights also come with an adjustable arm and head, which again allows you to read in the most comfortable sitting position that you can.

We recognise the intrinsic value instilled within the hobbies that we love and so our lights are designed to support you in your most treasured endeavours by providing as much comfort as possible.

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