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Chips can cause blindness

Chips can cause blindness

Wednesday 11 September 2019

A poor diet consumption has left a teenager from Bristol with blind spots in the centre of his vision.

The teen has now been legally registered as blind as a result.

The teen had an eating condition which meant he was a picky eater, essentially eating only chips, crisps and occasional portions of ham and white bread.

This all culminated in avoidant-restrictive food intake which basically means severe vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition damage.

Dr Denize Atan, of the Bristol Eye hospital was the person to treat the teen.

He said, “His diet was essentially a portion of chips from the local fish and chip shop every day. He also used to snack on crisps - Pringles - and sometimes slices of white bread and occasional slices of ham, and not really any fruit and vegetables.

He explained this as an aversion to certain textures of food that he really could not tolerate, and so chips and crisps were really the only types of food that he wanted and felt that he could eat."

B12 deficiency-related sight problems can also happen to people who are vegan. This is due to not replacing what they would receive in a meat diet.

Dr Atan continued, "He had blind spots right in the middle of his vision. That means he can't drive and would find it really difficult to read, watch TV or discern faces.

He can walk around on his own though because he has got peripheral vision."


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