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Cancer from LED streetlights

Cancer from LED streetlights? Research suggest link

Thursday 21 June 2018

Analysis of 4,000 people has revealed a shocking correlation between heavy exposure to LED street lighting and cancer, say scientists from the University of Exeter and the Barcelona Institute for Global Health.

The risk of prostate cancer was seen to be double the national average, and breast cancer risk appeared to be 1.5 times higher. The research, conducted over 11 regions in Spain, does not show a causal link, but is certainly enough to raise concern. The scientists believe that the blue light emitted by LEDs is affecting circadian rhythms which in turn affect hormone levels.

In fact, their concerns are so great that they have warned officials that they should consider limiting the wide scale roll-out of plans to replace current lighting with LED alternatives.


  1. University of Exeter:
    “Blue light” of LED streetlights linked to breast and prostate cancer.

  2. Telegraph:
    New LED streetlights may double cancer risk, new research warns.


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  • Robert Dixon
    31 Mar 2019

    Why only street lights if it might be due to the blue light? Why not also domestic or industrial lighting?

    Serious Readers reply:

    Hi Robert. Many thanks for your comments. Serious Readers do not undertake the research that we write about, we simply act as a custodian of all the latest news relating to sight and light. So we are not in a position to answer this question. Our advice would be to contact Manolis Kogevinas, the co-ordinator of the study at ISGlobal (the Barcelona Institute for Global Health). His email address is:

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