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Britain’s oldest Christmas tree fairy lights still shining bright at 51

Britain’s oldest Christmas tree fairy lights still shining bright at 51

Thursday 17 December 2020

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and although this year the festive season is looking a little different for most of us, something is looking very familiar at the home of Ross Farr-Semmens.

Farr-Semmens, 41, is the owner of Britain’s oldest working Christmas lights. He inherited them from his mother, Vina Shaddick, after she passed away two years ago, and they have now been working for 51 years without a single bulb every having been replaced.

The lights were purchased by Shaddick for just £3 from Woolworths back in 1969, meaning that they have now been illuminating the family’s Christmas tree for more than half a century. Farr-Semmens reminisces, “I remember them from when I was a child and they always remained a kind of constant. Many other things have changed but these lights have been there year after year – and it looks like they will do at least one more Christmas.”

The lights have remained in place on a small, artificial Christmas tree since the ‘70s as they are too fragile to disassemble, but the tree is stored intact each year so that they can continue to be enjoyed each year.


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