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A shining light

A shining light in the battle against cancer

Thursday 25 May 2017

Using tiny remote-triggered LED chips, a team at the University of Rochester have discovered a form of immunotherapy which could change the way cancer is treated. Shining highly focussed light on surface skin tumours in mice resulted in cancer-killing T-Cells rushing to surround the cancerous cells. The results were dramatic – the optical control was sufficient to allow the immune system to almost completely wipe out the melanoma with no toxic side effects.

If the same effect can be produced for tumours deep within the body the implications could be huge. Currently fewer than 40% of patients receiving immunotherapy for cancer achieve a good outcome, although those who do respond seem to achieve dramatic improvements.

Following hard on the recent successful light therapy trials on prostate cancer see our recent blog, this latest discovery is yet more welcome news in the battle against cancer.


  1. University of Rochester:
    Scientists Light the Way for Immune System to Attack Cancer.

  2. Medical Life Sciences News:
    Scientists discover simple way to use light for steering killer immune cells toward tumours.


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