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Shrove Tuesday

A nice and easy pancake recipe for Shrove Tuesday

Monday 20 February 2023

As big fans of pancake day, we will be celebrating Shrove Tuesday in the office with some pancakes of our own.

You can see the recipe we’ll be using below - if you like the recipe, you can let us know by commenting at the bottom of the page.

• 130g plain flour
• 2 large eggs
• 300ml milk
• 2 tsp sunflower or vegetable oil [and a drop or two extra for the frying pan]

  1. Crack your eggs and pour all of your ingredients into a bowl. Mix thoroughly using a whisk until you have a wet batter.
  2. Add your extra drop or two of oil to frying pan, and use a medium heat setting (160°C-180°C). If you have too much oil, wipe with a kitchen roll, so that just the surface of the pan is covered.
  3. Once heated, use a ladle or measuring cup (100ml) to pour some of your batter into the pan. This will cook quickly, so keep an eye on the pan. Cook for just one minute on each side until golden. If either side is not yet cooked to your liking, you can keep frying the pancake until you are happy.
  4. You can show some creativity by adding any of your favourite toppings to the pancake. Lemon and sugar, maple syrup, baked apple slices and cinnamon or chocolate spread are all great combinations.
  5. Enjoy!

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  • Fiona Broughton
    06 Feb 2024

    Hi there, delighted to see what a straight forward recipe this was - unusual. Congratulations! My only problem (apart from actually making it) is there is no clue as to roughly the nu.ber of pancakes this will make. A clue woukd be helpful.

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